the clock, a tool poster, a palm tree, polo rider, 5-panel cap, toaster, the chair, a mysterious package and a paper bag mask = SWAG.



one of my all time favourite characters is Vaughn Bodé´s Cheech Wizard.
probably because this little hooded guy kinda followed me noteless for a long time. he was generally accompanied by his lizard apprentice. I saw both first as often used graffiti characters and found out later that they where underground comic characters in 1967, too.

then I found out about the link to Ralph Bakshi´s movie Wizards and the red robot, which was inspired by Bode´s Wizard.

I wanted to do like ... call it a homage, redesign or a third step
in the history of the evolution of this character.
he´s old now but drunk and high as always.
the Cheech Weezard with his Lizard ... Chong.